Easter + Bunny Cake

The Lord is risen!

And I know the Episcopalian in you is silently replying, “The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!”

Well, there’s your Episcopal Easter trivia of the day, anyway.

But really, though, happy Easter! Hope your Easter bunnies were sweet to you!

Today’s post will be rather short, but I hope you’re all celebrating with lots of yummy food and spending time with family! I know I am. I’ve already eaten my weight in chocolate, which, in my defense, has been forbidden to me for the past forty days. I’ll hop back on the health food train tomorrow. Heh. Anyways.

For your “recipe” today, I have for you something that may already be an Easter staple at your house. But for those of you who are missing out…



All you do is bake two circular cake pans of boxed cake mix (or, if you’re snazzy enough, homemade) and cut like so…


…so that you have a head, two ears, and a bow tie. Then decorate as you wish! I used canned icing (Betty Crocker whipped is the BEST!), decorator’s icing (aren’t the ears so cute?), and m&ms; but you can use whatever floats your boat.

Then… try not to devour it before the day is done. Have an egg-celent day!

Ps- I promise this blog will not be allll about baking. :)


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