Worship Wednesday

So, on Wednesdays, I don’t do a lot of cooking.

Or… Any at all.

Wednesdays are so great because a.) it’s church night. Yay Jesus! b.) (which goes along with point a) church night = church food, which is super yummy, and I didn’t have to make it! and c.) the new Kroger ad comes out. It’s really a highlight of my week.

I hope to make Wednesdays more wonderful for you all by introducing you to what will become a weekly event here at Cooking with the King – Worship Wednesday. I’ll just pick a song – usually contemporary Christian music, maybe throw a hymn or two in there – that’s been inspiring me lately. And I hope it will inspire you guys, too!

I also want to make these Wednesdays by posting any prayer requests that you may have. I don’t want to post anything on here that the people in need of prayer aren’t okay with sharing with the rest of the world, so just let me know if you want something posted. Email, Facebook, tell me in person- whatever you’re comfortable with. Know that all unsaid prayers are constantly being pondered as well!

Here’s today’s song- a little bit of a throwback, but I’ve been singing this song since I was really young- a kindergartner at PDS- and to this day it inspires me still. Happy Wednesday!

Wes King – Life is Precious


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