The Klines take NOLA


(WARNING: All photos via iPhone. No camera-lugging in NOLA. Too hot for all that.)

We had an awesome time in New Orleans!

It was our second time to go as a family (Mom and I have been a few other times),
and I think we all enjoyed getting to end the summer with a NOLA bang.

We stayed at the Maison Dupuy (we stayed there on our last visit, too), which is
a comfortable, not-too-fancy-but-clean-and-quiet hotel on the outskirts
of the French Quarter. Close to everything but far away from everything.
You know?

I, being the foodie that I am, scoped out some awesome places for us to
eat while we were there. I wanted the real deal.

So as we made our way into the Big Easy,
we stopped at a cute, well-hidden sandwich shop called Tartine,
which is located in the Audubon District and is surrounded by Tulane’s campus.


I ordered this (beautiful) Ham Tartine with triple cream brie, fig mustard, and lettuce,
and let me tell you – I know I was in the land of all things Cajun and
Creole, but this sandwich, the very first thing I ate…
It was the best thing I ate the entire trip. Save the last thing I ate. We’ll get there.
But this tartine. The creamy brie… I almost couldn’t handle the goodness.
The “mustard” was (I think) basically jam infused with ground mustard.
Um. Holla at ya girl. A remake of this beaut will be seen around these parts SOON.

(no pictures of my mom’s sandwich because… well… mine was better)

Next we hit up the aquarium!


Macaw! (I think…)

Image Image

Sharks! And Nemoes and Dories (btw I know those aren’t their real names)!

After seeing these and other super-cool sea creatures,
we checked into our hotel and went to dinner.

I won’t talk about that because I wasn’t impressed and there weren’t pictures.

Always read reviews. Always. Moving along.

We went to a ridiculously cool record shop (pictured at the top) and got
our exercise on by exploring the French Quarter.

Then we ate all those calories burned in beignets at Cafe du Monde.


Seriously for serious the best things ever. And my brother only ate one.
ONE. He was, and I quote, “full.”
Um. Someone teach me that kind of discipline.

We waddled our way back to the hotel.

The next day for breakfast (which really ended up being brunch, as we finally
made it out of our hotel at TEN O’CLOCK), we strolled on down to Cafe Fleur de Lis,
a cute breakfast/lunch cafe. I had one thing on my mind – any guesses?


That’s right. PANCAKES, MAN. I considered getting seafood benedict, but…
I somehow managed to order pancakes. I know, craziness.
Blueberry with powdered sugar and a side of fruit?
Holy yum.

And everything was delicious!


On ze left – my brother’s ham and cheese omelet with toast and hashbrowns.
On ze right – my mother’s french toast with fruit.
I’d recommend it all. Every bite was delicious.

We shopped until we felt like we were about to fall out (say, 3:00?)
and headed to Cochon Butcher (yes, a butcher shop) for some for-real good sandwiches. And they did not disappoint.


Left – special of the day; chopped chicken with onions and dijon on baguette
Right – BLT (no onions for the picky brother)

I had half of both; I’d recommend them both.
But the for-real-life star of the show was their bread and butter pickles.
Oh. My. I usually detest those things for their sickening sweetness.
But these pickles… Not too sweet. Not too savory. Perfection.
I should’ve brought some home. Do it when you go.

After, we did some strolling and eventually found ourselves… not lost, but stranded. So we caught a cab to the hotel (apparently one of my brother’s dreams in life).
Ever ridden in a cab with a driver who didn’t know where he was going?
I would definitely not recommend that.

We eventually made it safely back and rested for a while.
I’m not one to stay cooped up in a hotel while visiting an excited city,
so I got permission to escape and walk around the French Quarter
by myself for about an hour. I el-oh-vee-e LOVE alone time when I can get it.


I moseyed into Lush, a vegetarian handmade cosmetics store
known for minimizing packaging.
I heard about it while at Governor’s School and have been desperate to go ever since.

It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Go. Please.
And also please bring me something.
I’ll love you forever.

Then I went to get one of my other favorite things in life-


PRALINES. Sorry I don’t have more pictures,
but this place has (according to Bon Appetit Magazine) the best pralines in NOLA.
I agree wholeheartedly.
One more thing. SWEET POTATO PRALINES OMG. Okay done.

I had been on a hunt for the best gumbo in New Orleans,
so our Last Supper was to be at Mr. B’s Bistro, a white-tablecloth restaurant
that totally did not disappoint. Well, almost.

To start, we were given bread and samples of their seafood gumbo.


Glorious. Then came the meals.


left – the famous gumbo yaya
center – filet mignon with truffle butter, sauteed spinach, and parmesan potatoes
right – grilled swordfish with melted butter, snap peas, and roasted potatoes

I was a (major) fan of it all, except for the gumbo.
I know. Sad day.
I think it was the dark roux – not a fan.
But seriously, everything else was amazing. Truffle butter gets an A++++.

So, because it was our last night and because we’re a little insane,
we did what the Kline Family never does. Never.


That’s right. We ordered dessert.

left – white chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce
right – berry cobbler with almond cookie crust and ice cream

Tried the brownie. It was pretty yummy.
But the cobbler… Total to-die-for. I ate, like, 3/4 of it.
What can I say? I’m a sucker for blueberries and almond anything.

I don’t know how we managed to walk back to our hotel,
but somehow we did. Barely.

I woke up the next morning to go on a run to try to get breakfast.
I counted six passed-out people on the way to a bakery
I’d heard marvelous things about.
Never found the bakery. Disappointing.

Then we packed up our belongings
(which had somehow grown over the past several days? Hmm…)
and shuffled out the door and drove out to I-55 McDonalds.

Then I-55.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip! We ended summer the right way-
with good food, good family bonding, and good memories.


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