Ham and Brie Tartine with Fig Mustard



So remember when I told you guys sandwiches “weren’t my thing?”

Retracting that statement. I may have never been so wrong in my life.

Not even when I thought I liked country music.



I mean, really, how hard is it to hate anything that involves bread?

And this tartine is absolutely no exception.

Tartine. Sounds fancy, huh? It’s not.
It’s just a French word for an open-faced sandwich!
The French are pretty good at deceiving us like that.


This tartine (which was inspired by our recent trip to New Orleans)
involves some of my favorite things:
smoky ham, melty brie, and crisp lettuce on a crunchy baguette (French bread for the win!).

It’s also topped with something super amazing: fig mustard.
It’s so simple to make, too!
Fig jam + mustard powder = totally winning fig mustard.


And to bring some heat to the party, you can’t go wrong with Zapp’s.
Their Voodoo chips are heaven. HEAVEN.
They’re kettle-cooked with an accidental spice blend that lies somewhere between BBQ and salt and vinegar.
You need them in your life, people.


Much like this tartine. You need this in your life, too.

Ham and Brie Tartine with Fig Mustard
makes three tartines
inspired by my recent visit to Tartine restaurant in New Orleans, LA
1 small baguette or crusty French bread
12 slices deli ham
3 ounces brie cheese
3 leaves lettuce, torn
fig mustard (1 tablespoon fig jam + 1 teaspoon dry mustard)

1. Slice baguette in thirds, and then slice each of the thirds in half to make them open-faced (and then again in half if you wish).
2. Toast the baguette topped with ham and brie until cheese is melted. Remove from oven or toaster oven and add lettuce and fig mustard (combine ingredients). Enjoy!


Isn’t she lovely? Have a happy Thursday! :)


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