Skillet Corn and Andouille Kale Salad


I hate to disappoint you, but if you haven’t been able to tell by now,
I’m your typical salad-sandwich-soup girl for lunch.
Typical, typical, typical.

The good thing about my deli-style lunches is that
there are so many different ways to do it.

And I think I’m pretty inventive with mine, no?


Like this salad. Oh. My.

Spicy Cajun sausage is the star, but don’t let that fact raise your cholesterol levels.
This salad also has corn (health!), onions (health!), and KALE (health of all healths!).


I’ve had an obsession with all things andouille for a while now,
(Cajun sausage = yes. Breakfast sausage = no.)
but I’ve always been way too timid to buy it at the grocery store.

Then I found this guy and BAM. Love at first sight.
This Aidells smoked sausage is all-natural AND I can pronounce all the ingredients.
Such a win.


The corn is made my new favorite way: with onions in a cast iron skillet.

Every time I use my cast iron, it’s like I have a huge revelation and once again realize that
EVERYTHING turns more fabulous once it’s cooked in cast iron.


The flavors of this salad are icredible:
the spicy sausage, mild sweet corn, flavorful onions, and hearty, mustardy kale.
Mmm. I can’t even.

And and and! I didn’t even need salad dressing with this salad because I’m weird it packs so much flavor.

But you can do what you want.

‘Cause it’s your life.

Skillet Corn and Andouille Kale Salad
serves 2
2 links pre-cooked andouille sausage (go all-natural with this one!), sliced
1 ear corn
1/2 cup onion, chopped
6 cups kale, chopped

1. Sear andouille slices in a skillet for 8-10 minutes over medium heat or according to package directions.
2. Slice corn off cob and add to cast iron skillet over medium-high heat. Add onions. Saute for a few minutes, until corn is slightly blackened.
3. Toss kale and add to a bowl. Add corn and onions, then sausage. Pour dressing over salad, if desired.


Typical salad? I think not.


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