Worship Wednesday – Love Is Not Making Much of Someone


We’re not talking about hearts doodled on a notebook or giant stuffed teddy bears.
We’re not even talking about a dozen red roses.

We’re talking about real, unconditional love.

This kind of love doesn’t have to be between a girl and a guy –
this is also a kind of love found between parent and child.
This kind of love makes the greatest friendships what they are.

I’ll admit to you here and now that I don’t have a clue what love in a relationship feels like;
99% of teenagers have no idea.
However, I do know this form of love in friendship. It’s a love that is unbreakable under any circumstances.

That was a lot at once. Bear with me here.

In youth group, we are watching a video series by John Piper, a Baptist minister from Minnesota.
He lives by the prophecy that “God is most satisfied in me when I am most satisfied in Him,” 
which I think is an awesome quote by which to live.

The look on Piper’s face when he preaches shows the kind of love I’m talking about.

In one of the videos we watched,
Piper talked about how our culture views “love.”

In the world today, loving someone is very much the same thing as idolizing him or her; as making much of him or her.

We build each other up.
We compliment each other.
“Oh, you’re so pretty. You’re so talented. I love you, I love you, I love you.”

Complimenting is fine and good, but if the feeling acquired when having received a compliment is the same as the feeling of being loved;
Houston, we have a problem.

We get so caught up in making so much of ourselves that we make nothing of God.
What we should do instead is to make so much of God that we cannot make anything of ourselves.

John Piper brings up true moments of wonder – moments that make us go “Wow.”

Majestic waterfalls, canyons, mountains, oceans.
All things God has created.

Love is dying for someone else’s sins.
Love is putting all of your faith in Him alone.
Love is having strong hope in The Lord, even when it seems life couldn’t be worse.
Love is not making much of someone.


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